What Is An Enterprise Email Bot And Why Do We Need It?

With every passing day, activities performed by computers and humans are becoming indistinguishable. Today, innovative companies such as Uber are exploring driverless cars. Elon Musk of Tesla is also exploring AI for his electric cars. Today, AI bots are helping us pick our favourite restaurants online. They are also helping us with our shopping and dating needs. This disruptive technology is enjoying widespread applications across every facet of business operations today. It should come as no surprise then that AI is revolutionizing digital communications. Companies are extensively using automated bots when it comes to the most trustworthy of all electronic communication – emails. By adopting lead engagement bot technology, organizations are overhauling every aspect of their business activities – marketing, sales, support and customer service. Why email and mailbots? As the adage goes, to each his own. Some of us prefer to communicate via SMS or Whatsapp. Others prefer social media. Fortunately, there is one mode of digital communication that all of us identify with – emails. To be sure, email as a mode of communication has its limitations. However, it has also been around for a far longer time than any other electronic communication vertical. Virtually every single one of us is familiar with it. Today, emails have universal acceptance. It has successfully built up inertia that we, as users, are unwilling to shake off. It has revolutionized business communication worldwide. Eliminating the need for abundant paperwork, electronic documentation increases accountability. It also promotes transparency across the ranks of an organization. Global giants such as Google and Microsoft recognize the indispensable role that emails play in business operations. This is why they are willing to invest heavily in integration with other enterprise software systems. Unfortunately, integrating with other platforms or tools poses its own set of challenges. This includes proprietary restrictions and a lack of technical expertise. Fortunately, the adoption of mailbot technology does not entail such debilitating limitations. As such, email users are utilizing this platform to increase productivity. Are email bots different? Contrary to popular belief, bots and chatbots are not the same things. In fact, the term “bot” does not automatically mean instant replies or conversational UI. To be sure, some chatbot platforms do support email integration, if only as an afterthought. Primarily, though, they are focused on their main interfaces. This includes Slack, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. Conventionally, we use email to share serious or sensitive information. Almost always, the undertone of such communication is sober or elegant, if not sombre. Bottom line – a chatty email bot is an undesirable proposition. Mailbots are usually created to serve a singular purpose. They may be programmed to input data into a CRM. They could also be positioned as a single-click link that allows you to order a birthday cake for a loved one. The primordial purpose of any mailbot is to streamline the installer’s inbox through consolidation and optimization. What are some of the attributes of a mailbot? Natural Language Processing (NLP): Mailbots can process human languages. This enables them to understand natural languages. It also helps them to carry out intelligent conversations. Quick Action Buttons: As discussed previously, mailbots often allow its users to perform the desired task with the click of a button. This may include shopping, dating or even installing an app. Timing: As opposed to chatbots that are expected to have a very fast turnaround time, mailbots are designed to function under extended time-cycles. They can deliver days, weeks or even months later – as per the due date. Task management: This is one of the fundamental attributes where mailbots differ from chatbots. While the latter is expected to carry out conversations, the former specializes in completing tasks. This includes activities such as scheduling, completion or editing. In their own way, mailbots are radically changing how companies operate through emails. If you are on the lookout for cutting-edge enterprise email bot services, give us a call today.