Hi guys, How was today. It’s my fast post here. I want to suggest to you. If your pc is slow please read this article I hope you find out your problem and solve your problem. When your computer starts, a lot of programs auto open which slow down your machine. Therefore, it is requested to remove unneeded programs at startup with the help of Microsoft’s MSConfig tool. Go to Start > Run > type “msconfig”. Go to the startup tab and uncheck the programs you don’t want to load whenever the system boots up. Click OK button and restart your pc. Your computer system comes pre-installed with a lot of programs which you don’t even use. They unnecessarily eat up a significant amount of space on your machine and slow your operating system down. Go to Control Program > Programs and Features > Unintall the programs you don’t use. Whenever a program runs on your pc, it leaves certain files on your machine which consume a certain portion of disk space. Over a period of time, a lot of programs run and thousands of files pile up on your device – which eventually decelerate your machine and sometimes lead to system crash. Therefore, you are requested to periodically delete temporary files. Go to Start > Run> type “%temp%” > click OK. A folder full of files comes. Select those temporary files and delete. You are advised to timely update software running on your machine. Most of us tend to click on the “Remind Me Later” button whenever a window pops out suggesting us of any update, and we never bother to go back to update. As your computer runs, files get spread across the device in pieces – framgents. It is recommended that you defragment your disk to bring back separated parts in one place. Defragmenting disk has a noticeable effect on a slow computer. Windows 7 comes with a built-in defragger which automatically defrags at intervals. By turning off Windows graphics, you can set your pc to deliver a slightly better performance. Go to computer icon on your desktop > Properties > Advanced System settings > Advanced > Click Settings under performance > Enable Adust for best performance. It will have an impact on the speed of your PC. NOTE: You can use small software to remove unnecessary file. Just 10 secs. Go to this site for more information and get download free software. [URL=http://pchelp6.blogspot.com/ [/URL]