DBase File Management – How to Restore and Recover Lost DBF Data?

Dbase is considered as one of the most advanced development platforms. Many applications are developed using Dbase and its related versions. Standard database contain .dbf as file extension. This file type is popular due to its acceptance and availability by many OEM and software vendors. Extensively acceptable as DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (DBMS), it is used in varied platforms including Linux, DOS, Apple MAC and Windows. Besides, it is used by a number of database programs like Clipper, CodeBase, Arago, Multibase, Visual FoxPro, etc. With its ability to organize valuable data into records, DBF is widely used to store product inventories, customers and financial data. While an exceptional tool that boosts the application development process, Dbase is not free from problems. Amongst the biggest challenges that database face, corruption of DBF file is the most pernicious. Its shocking to know that how DBF is lost into nowhere within the days or even hours of its creation. This jeopardizes the countless hours of backbreaking work or an entire project. Reasons of corruption can be many. Some of the common reasons include sudden cancellation of database application, virus infection, hard disk failure, software malfunction or collision, low quality network device, etc. How a DBF file corrupts: a) Inter-reliant data nature: Even a partial corruption to any single part makes the entire DBF unreadable. Owing to such nature, file can easily become corrupted and the entire data becomes irrecoverable b) Fragile data structure: You will be surprised to know that the data structure in a DBF is fragile and can easily corrupt the entire file. The moving fragments or the later moving disk sectors can easily corrupt a fully functional file. C) In many situations, corruption occurs when the file is being saved. Changes or Errors in the program configuration while saving can easily damage the file. Whenever a DBF file gets corrupt, it becomes unreadable and on opening it data is displayed in a gibberish manner. There are various ways by which you can prevent the damage. It is advised that you should have a UPS connected to you computer, firewall must be on and a well-updated anti- virus software should be installed. Besides, you should develop a habit of creating regular backups of your valuable data.