Forgot SQL Server SA Password – How to Do

MSSQL Server 2005/2008/2012 forgot SA password, how to access locked Server database and do what we need on it? Generally, SA account is set for MSSQL Server logon when we choose SQL Server Authentication mode. While, if we choose Windows Authentication mode to login into it, any user would not be necessary. By this way, we can access database and also could reset database user password in SSMS. 1. Access MSSQL Database using Windows Authentication mode Choose Windows Authentication Mode, and click “Connect” button to access MSSQL database. After MSSQL logon with Windows Authentication mode, right click Server in “Object Explorer” and choose “Properties” parameter. Turn to Security option, choose “SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode”. And select General option, confirm “Login name” and set new password for SA user. Besides, remember to set this account logon enabled. Unfold Security – Logins in Object Explorer, and right click “sa” account, choose Properties. Select “Status” option, and set “Login” as “Enabled”. Tips: If we don’t have Windows administrative privileges and couldn’t access SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, let iSunshare password recovery tool give help for you after SQL Server database locked. 2. Access Locked SQL Database with SQL Password Genius Step 1: Take recovery tool full version and install it on computer. Then run it. Trial version only could list all the database users, while full version could reset all user passwords. Step 2: Find master database file in computer and import it into SQL Password Genius. Click “Open File” button on software screen and browse master database file in computer. After finding it, please click “Open” button to import database file into iSunshare SQL password reset tool. Instantly, all the users for MSSQL database are listed. Step 3: Select SA account to reset SQL forgotten password. Select “sa” account in user list, and click “Reset” button. And a new dialog pops up, type new password for selected account and click “OK”. And then such one for database user account will be shown in user list. At last, exit recovery tool and restart SQL Server Service. And then you could access MSSQL database with new SA account. Tips: SQL Server Services would influence forgotten SA password reset with SQL Password Genius. So we have to stop services before it. Then start services again after MSSQL SA password reset.