Aspects to Consider While Buying Cash Drawers

Cash drawers form an integral part of the POS system. They are widely used for storing coins, currency notes, credit cards and papers. They are either available as separate ‘stand-alone’ units or attached to cash registers. The stand-alone units can be operated manually with a lock and key after being attached to the ‘receipt printer’. There are various kinds of cash drawers and hence you need to consider a couple of factors before purchasing one. Instead of wasting your money on the wrong cash drawer, research thoroughly and buy the right one on the basis of a couple of factors. Affordability: Before buying the appropriate cash drawer you have to consider the cost. The price of the drawer is based on a couple of factors like security requirements, design quality, and aesthetics. You even have to consider the ‘number of drawers’ on the unit. On the basis of your organizational requirement, you have to purchase the drawer. Counter Space: Space is another essential factor to take into account while buying cash drawers. You have to decide whether you would place the drawer below or above the counter. You have to assess the counter space required for installing the drawers along with ejection distance. Types: On the basis of your need you have to choose the drawer. From the light-duty, medium-duty to the heavy-duty, a wide array of drawers is available. The small cash drawers crafted from metal, light in weight (7 kg) can hold 4 notes and 4 coins. Some are equipped with steel runners with 2 check slots. The heavy-duty drawers are designed for dealing with ‘high traffic’. These drawers are available with a warranty of many years. These are designed in a way to survive manually 300, 000 transactions. These drawers are constructed out of steel and equipped with metal-note clips, media slots, and the three position locks. Interface: There are three interfaces of cash drawers; that is manually driven, printer driven and serially driven. The printer-driven drawers directly plug into the receipt printer and indicate when a drawer should open. The serial-driven drawers are connected directly to the POS system. The manually driven drawers require the operator to close and open it manually. Compatibility: An important aspect while purchasing a drawer is the compatibility. It is frustrating to later find out that the POS system is not compatible with the drawer after spending a lot on its installation and purchase. The types of power needed to operate the drawer are important. Other than the manual stand-alone design, a computer is required to drive the drawers through the USB interface. When you purchase the drawer make sure whether it needs a computer or a receipt printer and ensure that the components have the needed accommodating elements. These are the various factors you have to keep in mind before deciding on the cash drawer for your business. These drawers are important for your business as these can augment productivity and improve the operational efficiency of your business. Thus invest in them after a lot of thought and consideration.