As the world is going through a huge crisis and almost all the employees are working from it get difficult to manage this employee, track their productivity, communicate any dependency and maintain their attendance and much more. In this article, we are going to discuss some apps for working in remote environments. 1. Team communication Communication is the key to successful collaboration in a remote work environment: you fix deadlines with your customers and managers, fix meetings with your potential clients and also collaborate with your peers in case of any dependency. Apps like Skype, Zoom is one of the best tools you can get for team communication. You also integrate this with your platform, set up calls and webinar, arrange a team meeting and many more. 2. Project management The project management tool is a great solution for all the tasks in your organisation. It helps prioritise tasks, document them, track progress and check on the individual project people are working on. Apps like Asana, Trello is the best project management tool you can get in the market, it is easier to create tasks and manage each provider, set deadlines and track movements and progress of each task. Jira is another project management software used mostly by software developers to raise issues and fix any bugs and communicate new releases to the team. 3. Attendance Management It is easier to track employee attendance when you are in the office but it is difficult to track when they are working from home. So attendance management software is one tool you can utilise for managing your employee attendance and what they are doing within their shift hours. The idea behind this software is to increase employee engagement and productivity. Apps like Darwinbox and Cake hr gives you the ability to streamline your attendance process and for medium and large organisations. These apps are also integrated with a payroll that accurately measures employee attendance and sends information for faster payroll processing. 4. Customer relationship management (CRM) It is difficult to build and maintain relationships with the customer when everyone is working from home and for every organisation, your relationship with your customer is critical to the success of the organisation. Apps like Zoho CRM and Zendesk are your perfect option for customer relationship management. They help you manage your sales and keep your sales and marketing team aligned in one platform and also gives the opportunity to engage with your customer through email and also track and support customers too. 5. Managing finances The above apps will help you manage your customer, your employee and bring you on track achieving organisation goals but you shouldn’t forget the expenses that are being done to maintain these activities. The organisation should focus on managing their books of accounts, any expenses incurred and work on reimbursement policy to cover any expenses borne by the employees. Apps like FreshBooks offer features like invoicing, expense management, bookkeeping and works for every type of organisation. 6. Marketing and Social Engagement: COVID has changed the way people do marketing new trends like a webinar, podcast has emerged which has replaced seminar and conference. More and more organisational now focus on driving traffic, increasing followers to your website and social media channels. Apps like Hootsuite helps automates this social media task to manage and check your post and marketing activity performance across all the social media channels. They are designs to save time and creating content for specific industry types and also you can focus on your target customer too. Conclusion: No one thought COVID would change the way we work, we collaborate, we communicate and specifically the way we operate but that’s the new normal today you need these tools to leverage your remote workforce in increasing your productivity. Every business is facing these challenges but how you deal with this and implement any tools or policy to tackle this is up to you.