How Machine Learning Is Shaping New Era Of Digital Marketing?

Marketing is an ocean. The deep you dive, the more you explore. Marketing is not a single term. Marketing can be done in a variety of ways. And this is why it is one of the most interesting career options. It is a myth that marketing is just sales. Even today, a lot of people think that marketing involves meeting clients, convincing them to buy your product and closing the deal. Have you ever thought that where do companies get leads from? How companies reach prospects? How completely unknown people can become your clients in no time? Marketing is the key answer. The marketers who understand every up and down of marketing, buyers, buying habits, market conditions, etc. are the really successful ones. In the past few years, digital marketing has become a buzzword. There are a lot of confusions and misconceptions about digital marketing. If we tend to explain it in a simple language, it is online marketing. It involves SEO, Paid ads, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. digital marketing is not at all an easy task to do. It requires a lot of training and experience. Especially paid campaigns are the toughest ones. The digital marketing needs lots of technicalities and research. Most of the time, digital marketers use big data to analyze buyer behavior and then decide strategies. Search engine optimization involves different ways of image publishing, content publishing, video publishing, etc. Keyword optimization plays a vital role. The content and images must have a proper percentage of keywords. It is important to publish content, images, and videos on a daily basis. Search engine optimization is a time-consuming process. Whereas paid ads like Google ads and Facebook ads show quick results. Be it social media marketing or paid marketing or search engine optimization, it is important to understand what customer needs, who is the target audience, what is their location, what time they visit Facebook, what time they surf on internet, what type of content can attract them, etc. Digital marketing is starting a completely new chapter with an emerging technology i.e. machine learning. Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence. It allows non-programmers to learn and improve from past experiences. machine learning helps machines learn for themselves. It requires no human intervention. Machines can learn and interpret all by themselves on the basis of data or experiences. Note that machine learning and artificial intelligence is not the same. Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence. 58% of companies are solving the most challenging marketing problems with machine learning. Source: Forbes. In this article, we are going to understand how machine learning is impacting digital marketing: 1. Buyer’s persona: How do you know whom to target? In digital marketing, no organization targets a bunch of prospects. Let us assume the smallest business. Let us consider plumbing business. A plumber can target the whole city. You cannot say when and why you would need a plumber. So how to decide whom to target, when to target and how to target (medium)? Machine learning can help. Machine learning has made systems smarter than ever before. The ML technology can help marketers understand who can be the possible prospects for the product, what is the gender, what sort of profession they are in, what is the age limit, etc. Buyer’s persona is nothing but having an imaginary prospect, understanding his buying behavior and other minute details and then strategizing a campaign to target him or her. 2. Search engine optimization: Who says SEO is dead? Companies still spend a huge amount monthly or yearly on SEO. Though some of you might think that SEO is an organic process, it does require some investment. Upgrading content, website design, app features, etc. is involved in SEO. Machine learning helps marketers understand what type of keywords are more in demand.Once the keywords are sorted, the company can easily target the right keywords for the target audience. 3. Email marketing: When business sends emails, they get a list of leads. This list can be taken from lead generation department. But how ML can help? ML determines the right time to send emails to the prospects. It also tells what should be the type of email and content of the email. It even determines what offer will generate the best response. Organizations and marketers even use ml for creating landing page strategies. These all aspects improve the possibility of conversions. 4. PPC (Pay per click): Have you read about Google Smart Bidding, Smart Display Campaigns, and In-Market Audience? It is no more a scenario where a group of analysts is sitting and trying to figure out what strategy to apply. In previous methods, analysts used to research campaigns and fetch out important insights. On the basis of those insights, the next strategies were dependent. But thanks to machine learning, marketers can just relax and lat ML work for them. ML not only analyses currently paid ad campaigns but also figure out what campaigns are doing well and why, which campaigns are not doing well and why. Once you know the reason, you can create great strategies. No? Do not worry at all. ML can do that also! 5. Content is the king: Being marketers, you are probably familiar with the fact that content is everything. Organizations often make the mistake of taking content for granted. Having a great website design, amazing UI and UX , accurate paid marketing strategies, etc. are of no use if the content is not up to the mark. But what you think about your content is not always the right thing! Companies spend a great amount of money on content creation, publishment, and management. The important question to ask here is whether this content is helping customers? Offer them something they want to read. Do not offer them what you want them to read. How to understand what type of content is desired by the users? ML does that for you. ML analyses buyer’s online browsing and determines what type of content is preferred by that particular buyer. Whether the buyer likes to read the text, or watch videos or just read images; all insights are generated by machine learning. Conclusion: Most of the organizations have stopped using traditional marketing methods and completely rely on digital marketing. Though digital marketing is one of the fastest types of marketing, it comes with regular updates. This makes it more difficult to understand. To understand consumer trends, their behaviour, and other aspects, machine learning can be used.