Find Your Perfect Rugged Computer in Calgary

Are you in Calgary from June 12-14th? Then join us at the Global Petroleum Show 2018, located at Stampede Park. Considered North America’s leading energy event, you will have the chance to get together with Acura Embedded Systems’ chief engineer, Preet Thing, and sales rep, Samuel Bi. Both Preet and Samuel look forward to discussing why Acura’s rugged computers are the ideal solutions for your rugged working environment. Whether it is an oil field, off-shore rig, a mine, or another industry, Acura Embedded Systems Inc. has the ideal computer for you-modified to serve you in your individual field, solving the problems that are exclusive to the rugged environment you work in. One of Acura’s most recent models is the AcuPanel 17V3. This newly computer was supremely made for use the automotive industry, in locations like manufacturers, plants, and for logistics use. Born and built in-house, this extraordinary machine is the perfect low-power, yet high-performance wall-mount PC system. This 17 Inch Aluminum Alloy Panel PC genuinely works on behalf of its clients on a daily basis. Similar to the AP15 V3 model, this model is perfect for manufacturing/plant/logistics use. Unlike related products on the industry today, the AcuPNL 17V3 has an incredibly fast processing speed thanks to its Intel 6th Gen i5/J1900 CPU feature. It can function in the ruthless temperatures of -20C to 60C. Its other features include an IP65 Front Panel, the 1080P Full HD Display, and the HDMI/VGA Dual Display. The AcuPNL 17V3’s Customizable Hardware ensures that it will regulate to the individual needs of each client. Another reliable Acura computer is the AcuPanel 15HB. A trusted product like the AcuPanel15 HB gives those working in the oil industry the guarantee that they require to boldly do their jobs, despite the conditions they may be facing that day. Whether they are facing hostile weather, extreme temperature changes, or a blast, this amazing computer will continue to perform in every circumstance. Outfitted with a high tech low power and true fan-free thermal solution, the AcuPanel15 HB is both energy resourceful and fire safe. With memory up to 16(i5)/8GB, this unbelievable computer will easily stockpile all of the information you require to collect. The LCD has an integrated P-Cap multi-touch screen that carries a 1024 X 768 (XGA) resolution with 1000-nit brightness, completely supported by LED backlight technology. No matter the time of day or the weather, your AcuPanel15 will consistently function at an optimal level, enabling you to see your screen in every kind of lighting. Containing certifications like FCC, CE, and IP65, the AcuPanel15 HB both meets and exceeds market standards. The heavy-duty stainless steel connectors guarantee long term durability while the 1000 Nits Sunlight Readable Touch Screen enables the user to easily view the screen when outdoor lighting obscures most computer screens, making it impossible to view in that context. The AcuPanel15 HB has solved this widespread concern so that you will be able to comfortably see your computer screen in all environments. The AcuPanel 12 is a computer that has a high-performance 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor or Celeron J1900 with the Intel® H81 Express chipset. Created with an instrument that has a 3mm industrial-grade substance front bezel which can evade breakage from chemical corrosion-a feature that makes a big difference in longevity on certain job sites. It can be stored in temperatures between -20 and 70C, while operating comfortably between -10 and 60C. It is also resistant to humidity with a rating of 20~80% RH, non-condensing. Its Front Panel Protection of IP65/NEMA4 ensures that this computer will stay in great shape for a long time. This flexibility within a single computer system ensures long term productivity in the most extreme of locations. Not only is it incredibly sturdy, it is also tailored, depending upon the user’s needs. If a bigger viewing area is desired, a supplementary display can be connected via the system’s VGA or HDMI port to help enhance worker’s productivity level, making it the ultimate device to serve the needs of every kind of job setting. Satisfied customers include those operating fire emergency vehicles, marine vessels, petroleum platforms, law enforcement vehicles, emergency medical services, border patrol, patrol boats and vehicles, public transportation security, and seaport surveillance and security. Please contact us today to find out which Acura Embedded system is your rugged solution.