Which Test Automation Tools to Look For in 2018

Manual testing is slowly being replaced by automation testing and there are several reasons for this. It offers several benefits and is necessary for software testers to meet the changing requirements of software development. Meeting quality standards, delivering high productivity, and ensuring optimum customer satisfaction, are some of the key benefits of automation testing. Experts predict a significant increase in the prevalence of automaton testing across software development firms. Talking about its increasing relevance, today we shall look at some of the most promising automation testing tools to look for this year. They may not be very popular, but effective nonetheless. So, let’s get started. 1] Watir Supporting cross browser testing for Firefox, Opera, headless browser, and IE, Watir is an open source automation testing tool for web application testing. It is based on Ruby libraries and supports several key integrations such as Cucumber and RSpec. Website: http://watir.com/ 2] QARA Test Developed by The Digital Group, QARA Test is a declarative zero-coding test automation platform that supports JIRA integration along with grid execution and remote test execution. The platform offers reporting capabilities and like Tricentis Tosca, offers a dashboard to facilitate effective analysis and management of test cases. It is based on open source Selenium and offers test tracking management feature as well. Website: http://www.qaratest.com/ 3] Tricentis Tosca Like most test automation tools, Tricentis Tosca supports web, mobile and API testing. A model-based platform, it offers a wide range of features to every tester’s delight! It allows continuous testing and offers a powerful dashboard for test case analysis. This is a powerful tool for the optimization of the reusability of test cases, along with risk analysis. This tool also supports Agile and DevOps. Website: http://www.tricentis.com/software-testing-tools/ 4] TestComplete Developed by SmartBear, this automation tool supports scripting languages including JavaScript, C++Script and Python. It is a powerful platform that supports web, mobile as well as desktop testing. The Record/Playback feature is a great advantage and is easy to use. Its GUI object recognition capability is designed to automatically detect and update UI objects. It offers Jenkins integration and allows for data as well as keyword driven testing. Website: smartbear.com/product/testcomplete/overview-b/ So, there are several other automation tools out there that can help you switch to automation testing seamlessly and without any hassles. Have you tried any of these? Please share with us if you feel there is any other tool that software testers should know about.