Reliable Drone Technology is Adding Value to Agriculture Industry

A drone is an autonomous and arousing technology that is bringing all the significant changes in several industrial applications. Owing to this innovative technology, many industries are gaining a whole new sky-high perspective. Drones are developed to serve in an endless number of applications – few to mention such as photographic purpose, pro film, business marketing, real estate, search and rescue, security, inspection, land surveying, and many more. Likewise, the agriculture industry is one of the top five industries where drones are serving in multiple applications. In addition to basic functions like spraying fertilizers or seeding, drones help in giving a sky-view to farmers in order to monitor the growth of the field and get a clearer picture of their fields. Adding to it, farmers can sense dried parts of fields and need moisture. Also, spraying fertilizers with the help of drones allow equal and variable rate dispersion, which keeps the fields healthy. Apart from that, agriculture drones is comparatively less expensive than other field tools and equipment. Factors Supporting the Global Agriculture Drone Market Growth Reliable drone technology is adding value to the agriculture industry all through the flourishing season, ranging from monitoring crops development all over to before harvest yield prediction as well as planning for the upcoming season. Undoubtedly, the global agricultural drone market is witnessing a consequential growth across the world. The giant ventures capitalist and investors are undertaking high investments in analytics and software start-up companies which functions to digitize the information gathered by a drone. Such start-ups are mainly focused on data analytics software, imaging, and mapping. Attributed to such a major factor, the agriculture drone market is boosting rapidly in the whole worldwide. Other major factors propelling the growth of global agriculture drone market are the number of applications in which drones serves its utility such as allows farmers to monitor the overall field growth and a precise view of growing crops, helps in assessing soil’s moisture, fertility, and temperature, ensures crops safety, helps in irrigation and drainage systems and allows planning for harvest and upcoming years. Moreover, the latest idea of precision farming is proving beneficial for the agriculture sector as well as it is contributing in more and more expansion of the agriculture drone market globally. The idea of precision farming is based on closely observing and monitoring the intra and inter-field volatility of crops. Precision agriculture results in determining a decision support system(DSS) for overall field management, ultimately to optimize returns on inputs as well as maintaining resources. The substantial growth of the concept of precision farming is projected to drive the market growth of agriculture drones across the globe. Apart from it, the continuously increasing demand for food, globally, is also contributing in the rise in demand of healthy crops and field productivity, conclusively enhancing agriculture infrastructure growth and escalating the growth of the global agriculture drone market. Market Segmentation The global agriculture drone market is initially segmented on the basis of product into hardware and software and services. Then, the market is divided on the basis of type into Fixed-Wing Drones, Multi-Rotor Drones and Hybrid Drones. Then, the market is segmented on the basis of components into frames, Controller Systems, Propulsion Systems, Camera Systems, Navigation Systems, Batteries, and Other Components (Wires, connectors, power systems, carry cases, sprayers, and sprinklers). Further, the market is bifurcated on the basis of applications into Precision Farming, Livestock Monitoring, Precision Fish Farming, Smart Greenhouse, and Others (Horticulture, orchids, and forestry applications). The geographical analysis of the global agriculture drone market is studied for North America, Latin America, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe. Some of the key participating players of the global agriculture drone market are AgEagle Aerial Systems, Agribotix LLC, HoneyComb Corporation, GoPro, Inc., Dow Jones Industrial Average, Parrot SA, PrecisionHawk, Sentera, LLC, Delair Tech SAS, Insitu Pacific Pty. Ltd., Drone AG, and others.